Far Art Neon Advertising
17, Jalan TS 6/7,
Taman Perindustrian Subang,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia.

About Us

Far Art Neon Advertising was first established back in 1995 to manufacture neon sign for local companies. Through hard work, commitment and concentration on quality and service, Far Art has established a fine reputation as a company to be trust worthy.

Now known for providing products of superior quality, design, Far Art is well established and recognized as one of the premier sign manufacturer particularly inneon and cold cathode lighting in Malaysia and other Asian countries. Many major local and international organizations have become Far Art business partners.

With progress, Far Art has made a conscious decision to invest in research & development. Always seeking new ways to improve process and production techniques, enabling cost-savings to be passed on to their valued customers.

Far Art rapid development and expansion of design and capabilities, both local & overseas, ecessitated a restructuring of the company.

Company Mission

Primarily the chief objective is to provide quick, reliable, durable and effective brightly lit ambiance to enhance awareness throughout. Far Art provide creative idea, product planning, safety, dependability in use and marketing solutions.

Workmanship, excellent satisfaction service to customer, quality product, after sales service is the core mission for Far Art. Design, supply, install, maintenance and services.

Business Plan

Design and produce quality ncon for major local customers. Proving the soma service for local customers, with overseas establishments.

Penetrating European, Asia Pacific and Middle East, to supply and fabricate, To accommodate to existing company with international biz.

Increase factory size to accommodate new machinery & automation process. Improving productivity, reducing costs to clients.

Continued R&D to learn new technology, process, evaluation of materials etc.

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